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So, you’ve got a great idea.
But you don’t really know how to take it to the next level

  • Business plan,
  • Market research,
  • Development,testing & adjustments,
  • Protection & depositing your idea, design or product,
  • The search for partners and secure funding,
  • Administrative red tape.

Too much on your plate and no time to flesh matters out in greater detail?
In that case, GetIdDone is just the right partner for you.

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Foto Diana
Foto Diana

At GetIdDone, you can rely on our expertise. Regardless of whether your project is still in the hatching stage or you’re already on the home straight, GetIdDone supports all kinds of projects in a variety of different sectors. We’ve assisted with the development of softwares and apps and driven various board games and outdoor games forward. We’ve also taken creative and innovative products and services under our wings. Just a small sample that goes to show that you can bank on GetIdDone’s solid expertise.

Diana van Bergeijk